Thank You for agreeing to begin the fun and exciting process of building and customizing of your very own Bentley. We want to ensure that this is
an enjoyable experience for those going through this process. As you are customizing your boat (picking and choosing options) you will notice that
pricing or MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is displayed and changes throughout your selection process. When you are done with the
building and customization of your very own Bentley, you will be able to print what you have created, including the price. We recommend that you
bring the document to your authorized Bentley dealer, and they will do what is necessary to get you on the water.


Using the “build and price my Bentley” configuration tool, you will get a wonderful glimpse at what your customized Bentley boat will look like. This is your opportunity to create your dream Bentley, configure it exactly as you choose, and meet nearly any budget you desire. Take your leisurely time to select the floorplan that meets your needs. Choose the boat series you desire, pick your interior and exterior colors, and any other individual options to make it perfect for you. When you’re done, you will have a visual of what your dream Bentley boat looks like and it will include MSRP. Print it and bring the document to your authorized Bentley dealer and they will do what is necessary to get you on the water.


MSRP stands for manufacturer’s suggested retail price. It reflects the value placed on the boat, or what the boat is actually worth. All boats on the Bentley “build and price my Bentley” are priced at MSRP. Use MSRP as a guide to determine approximately what the dealer will sell the boat for. The pricing you will see does not include a trailer, nor does it include sales tax and/or freight charges and dealer prep. What you actually pay for the boat might be slightly different than MSRP. It is normal and perhaps even common to pay a bit less or even a bit more, depending on the promotions that the individual dealer may be offering. As always, consult with your authorized Bentley dealer nearest your home or your most common boating destination.